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Introducing High Impact Lab

Anyone can learn a leadership model or theory. Very few get the chance to put theory into practice in the moment, when the stakes are high. We are a laboratory learning experience that takes leadership out of the theory books and catapults leaders into practice. Immediate, unfiltered insight into your impact as a leader. A blueprint to create the impact you want. This is High Impact Lab. Next-level leadership.

Lab Concept

Practice under pressure. Experiment. Try again, this time a little bolder. We shift the quality of conversations you’re having and surface the ones you’re not, giving you the ability to self-correct in the moment and ultimately increase your impact.

Challenger Approach

We believe in the potential of people. We hold you to a high standard and support you to reach new heights. The Lab is about experimenting, not about perfection. It’s about trying new things, increasing your impact, and not taking yourself too seriously.

Complete Relevancy

Let us weed through all the theory out there and bring you only the most exceptional, proven approaches. We will blend this with our own years of experience gained from working with thousands of leaders from across North America.


Leadership doesn’t come with title or role—rather, it emerges through our actions and interactions. Prized and yet elusive, leadership is paradoxical in its very nature. It takes both courage and vulnerability, boldness and humility. We can learn about leadership from our mentors, or from theory. But what we really need is the chance to practice when the stakes are high. The chance to try again and again as we narrow in on the impact we want to have. Because as leaders, that impact is all we have.

Leadership Manifesto: The 3 Cs.


Be brave and vulnerable. Show up. Speak your mind. Don’t hold back. Wherever you go, know that you leave an impact. Make your mark with heart.


Connect with others from the heart. Assume positive intent. Put yourself in others’ shoes. Leadership is relational, not a solo sport.


Lean in. Listen deeply. Be present. Hold your judgments lightly. Be interested in others. Learn.