The Labs

Four labs. Infinite possibilities.

Executive Lab

If you want a high impact organization, it starts with the top. Executive Lab focuses on deep executive development, as individuals and as a team, connecting leadership, strategy and culture for an accelerated, lasting impact.

Team Lab

Traditional leadership, focused on the individual, does very little for a team. In Team Lab, theory is integrated with practice in the context in which it will be applied: a team. Learn alongside your colleagues to maximize your collective results. Drive team performance to new heights.

Leader Lab

This is where leadership comes alive. Bring your specific challenges to the table and work through them in real-time with live action coaching from your peers and your certified Lab Facilitator.

Culture Lab

Companies that continually invest in creating and evolving their culture can significantly outperform their competitors. Culture Lab is a process designed to build alignment, accountability and inspiration in creating the right culture for your organization.

Social Impact Lab

Shifting the conversation around our society’s important social issues, together.